Many servicemen and women (possibly up to 80%) deal with some degree of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) following deployment in a combat zone. There continues to be increased awareness of this disorder nicknamed “The Silent Epidemic” or “The Invisible Wounds”. PTSD has altered not only the individual’s life but also everyone who comes into contact with him or her. Many service members return home to family and friends who can not possibly identify or relate to their loved one’s experiences. Frustration and confusion builds for everyone. PTSD symptoms can possibly include a diminished ability to socialize and/or communicate, difficulty in obtaining and/or holding a job, drug dependency, homelessness, increased divorce rate, violence, crime, and tragic suicides.

PTSD is also a stigma linked to the negative connotation of weakness. Obviously our incredibly trained servicemen and women do not want to admit to any weakness especially if it has to do with mental issues that could negatively affect their military records. Due to not wanting to face or admit to mental issues or confusion, it can and usually does eventually surface.  This surfacing can take months or years after they have been discharged or retired. Treatment and counseling needs vary from mild to the most severe and in some instances will take years to overcome.

Medical facilities are also seeing the results of the Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). The government has funded huge research programs to find more effective treatments. There is a new found hope for these wounded warriors, yet therapy may continue for years and they will require transportation to specialized treatment centers.

Angel Airlines for PTSD is a charitable patient airline ticket agency. The organization works with in partnership with Air Compassion for Veterans (ACV). ACV provides air transportation for these wounded warriors, veterans and their adversely affected family members. This transportation provides access to specialized counseling and a variety of treatments they may need in order to eventually reintegrate into society as healthy and productive citizens. We have contacts for that special care; just call us.

These courageous men and women, who so bravely committed themselves to protecting our American freedoms, deserve to have every opportunity for the finest treatment in order to return to productive happy lives.

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