Foxtrot’s Night Before Christmas

Foxtrot’s Night Before Christmas Mercy Medical Angels

“ ‘Twas the night before Christmas,” the old poem regales,
But our mascot, Foxtrot, has different tales.

The airport was busy, families came together
Despite the dark night and the icy cold weather.

Other dogs were at home, curled up in their beds
While visions of playtime danced in their heads.

But not Foxtrot; our mascot was sniffing about
He was on a mission to find something out.

Then from Runway B, there arose such a clatter
Foxtrot just had to see what was the matter.

Foxtrot tracked the noise, and ran even faster
Hoping that it didn’t signal disaster.

All of a sudden, he heard a new sound:
A team in distress, falling to the ground.

That’s when he realized he had to act quick
Because the commotion had come from St. Nick!

“Santa,” called Foxtrot, “calm your reindeer!”
But poor Santa panicked – he couldn’t hear.

“Whoa, Dasher! Whoa, Dancer! Whoa, Prancer and Vixen!
Whoa, Comet! Whoa, Cupid! Whoa, Donner and Blitzen!”

“Please, reindeer, calm down! We’re going to fall!
Calm down, please! Calm down, all!”

Foxtrot took off his scarf, the fabric was bright
And waved it, guiding the sleigh through the night.

Santa managed to land, under great stress
The reindeer still acted a nervous mess.

That’s when Foxtrot wondered, “What happened up there?”
Santa sighed in reply, “The reindeer were scared.”

Santa added, “People don’t care anymore
Too focused on settling their own petty scores.”

The sad sentence from Santa made Foxtrot cry.
“I care,” said Foxtrot, “do you want to know why?”

With those words, light bathed the reindeer team
Then, dimming like embers, they lost the gleam.

Foxtrot got an idea, and it gave Santa cheer:
“If care works for me, it should work for reindeer!”

“Well then, Foxtrot,” said Santa, “I know that you care.
What led you to that? Please tell me your share.”

Foxtrot thought for a good long while
Hoping his words would bring back the smile.

“Children whose illnesses leave them in tears
I go on their flights and relieve their fears.”

“Veterans who live with unseen scars
Dogs like me open doors, help them reach for the stars.”

“Cancer patients fighting so hard to live
The gift of life is the best one to give.”

A wonder occured: the more Foxtrot told
The more Santa’s reindeer stood tall, proud, and bold!

Sure enough, Santa’s broad smile came back
Foxtrot patted each reindeer, and adjusted their tack.

“Thank you, Foxtrot, now we’ll be on our way!
You’ve made a difference, and saved the holiday.”

“You’re welcome, Santa! Safe travels up there!”
Starlight on sleigh bells, they took to the air.

But Foxtrot heard kind words, from Santa in flight:
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

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